"There is a whole world locked inside of you waiting to be awoken.

All the power you need is there."


- Jaclyn Shaw, MS BIS II

Holistic Coaching is a form of spiritual psychology that guides peers through dynamic self-realizations pertaining to the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  Through the medium of coaching, you can unleash a ton of power inside of you and integrate it in ways you never experienced before! 
Coaching sessions can motivate and energize you to heights you always wondered or dreamt about. With the gift of coaching, you will learn how to become solution-oriented, shift gears into forward-thinking, and take powerful action on your insight. 



      Next Steps 

Once you have selected a package you feel most connected to and aligned with, Jaclyn will reach out to you for a discovery call (via telephone) to build rapport, assess your learning style, and create a plan for your container. 

Jaclyn will send you an agreement and calendar event for your sessions as well as suggest interactive daily tools that align with your personal goals. 

If you would like to book a discovery call, to get a taste of
what working with Jaclyn is like, book one below: